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to have directly delayed the gov▓ernment's payments to public banks, a▓ practice known as "fiscal ped


>> Repaired black box to▓ provide clues to the EgyptAir plane crashOne ▓of the two black box fli

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rders from the crashed EgyptAir flight MS 8-0-4 has been repaired. The plane was en ▓route from Paris

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to Cairo when it plunged into the Mediterranean las▓t month, killing all sixty-six people on board. In▓vestigators hope the recorders will reveal the ca▓use of the crash.>> President Xi meets Cuban envoyChinese President Xi Jinping has met wit

  • rkish airspace, which Moscow denied. >> Brazil's Senate rules ▓out Rousseff's partic
  • ipation in fiscal pedallin▓gBrazil's Senate has released a report t
  • hat says the country's suspended president, Dilma Rousseff, ha

h Cuban leader Raul Castro’s special envoy Salvador Va▓ldes Mesa at the Great Hall of the People

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